We upgraded to 11.2 from 9.2 (exp from 9.2 and imp into 11.2) and all our
our scripts doing exports were, of course, using exp. In testing our
existing scripts, we had issues with exp not exporting zero-extent tables
from our 11.2 databases. We'd planned to go to expdp so we went ahead and
changed the scripts to use expdp rather than seeing if there was something
we could do to get the zero-extent tables.

expdp has a compression option that compresses exports quite well. Options
are all, data_only, metadata_only and none. Works with parallel, so you can
parallel=5 compression=all and each of those .dmp files will be compressed
as they're created.

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 10:18 AM, Greg Rahn wrote:

Exp/Imp are still in 11.2.

"The Data Pump utility enables you to archive data and to move data
between one Oracle Database and another. Also available are the
original Import (IMP) and Export (EXP) utilities for importing and
exporting data from and to earlier releases."


On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 8:12 AM, Rich Jesse
In a more constructive post (ahem), I'm struggling with the eventual loss of
on-the-fly compression for our database refreshes since we currently use exp
to a Unix FIFO device that is directed to gzip. Simple and elegant, but
it's going away (11gR2?).

Greg Rahn


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