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There is no restriction on A, so it will return all the rows from table A.

For rows where B contains a row where B.f3 matches A.f3, then B.f2 will be
the value in that row. If there are duplicate rows in B for an A.f3, you'll
get multiple rows with whatever the actual B.f2 values are.

For rows where B does not contain a B.f3 that matches A.f3, then B.f2 will
be null.

And nulls for f3 in B do not match nulls for f3 in A, like this using ~ as
the display value for null:

SQL> select * from a;

F1 F3


a row 1 1

a row 2 2

a row 3x 3

a row 3y 3

a row 3z 3

a row 4 4

a row null ~

7 rows selected.

SQL> select * from b;

F2 F3


b row 1 1

b row 3 3

b row 4x 4

b row 4y 4

b row 4z 4

b row 5 5

b row null ~

7 rows selected.

SQL> select a.f1,b.f2 from a,b where a.f3=b.f3(+)

2 order by a.f3,a.f1;

F1 F2


a row 1 b row 1

a row 2 ~

a row 3x b row 3

a row 3y b row 3

a row 3z b row 3

a row 4 b row 4x

a row 4 b row 4y

a row 4 b row 4z

a row null ~

9 rows selected.

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