I've been struggling with OID directory integration for a couple of days
now, not least because of the paucity of documentation and the inaccuracy of
the docs as well - posting as an example a sqlstatement that won't even
compile is pretty poor really. Anyway If anyone could help me out with Apps
HR to OID integration I'd be very grateful - my problem statement is below.

I've been researching this for a couple of days now with limited success. I
have OID setup on windows and am trying to provision users from
an ebusiness suite HR installation. I have performed the following steps so

Got the sample synchronisation to work from the documentation

I need however to synchronise my own information from HR rather than the
supplied sample configuration. Since some of the data comes from tables you
can't map directly I am attempting to use a custom sql statement in the
configuration file. So I next did

2. Follow note 352816.1 from metalink and successfully get their sample sql
statement to work.

3. Modify the sqlstatement to return the data that I want. Run odihragent
manually as follows.

SQLHRAgent connect= login=apps pass=
date=20000101000000 - this generates a .dat file with the correct data in

4. enable the dip profile for SQLHRAgent and start odisrv. This runs but no
entries are created in OID, The trace file for the profile reads as follows

Trace Log Started at Thu Oct 18 15:21:44 BST 2007

Executing Agent Command:ldap/odi/bin/odihragent SQLHRAgent
connect= login=apps pass= date=20000101000000
Return Status : 0
Command exec succesful
Current ConDirChangeNumber (Rec #) : 0
Reader Initialised !!
LDAP URL : (HOSTNAME:389 cn=odisrv+orclhostname=HOSTNAME,cn=registered
instances,cn=directory integration platform,cn=products,cn=oraclecontext
Specifying binary attributes: mpegvideo objectguid objectsid guid
usercertificate orclodipcondirlastappliedchgnum
LDAP Connection success
Writer Initialised!!
Writer proxy connection initialised!!
MapEngine Initialised!!
Filter Initialised!!
Assuming Change Numbers Not Present in File
Search Changes Done
Setting Change Success Count : 0
Setting Change Failure Count : 0
Replacing Attribute orclodipLastSuccessfulExecutionTime in the Profile with
value : 20071018152144
Removed Existing attribute
RePopulated Attribute..
Updated Attributes
orclodipLastExecutionTime: 20071018152144
orclodipConDirLastAppliedChgNum: 0
orclOdipSynchronizationStatus: Synchronization Successful
orclodipLastSuccessfulExecutionTime: 20071018152144
Ending Mapping execution.

I assume therefore that there may be some mapping or matching error - does
anyone know how to further troubleshoot this.

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