Stay away from 8-bit character sets if you can.

In my 9i course the instructor said that Oracle is gradually moving toward
16-bit character sets, including unicode.


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More on a subject not unlike the apostrophe.

One of our people entered the following text string into an Oracle field:


This field was then inserted into another table on a remote instance,
checked for comparison, and the French accents were found to have gone:


Do a dump on this, and:

Typ=96 Len=17: 67,82,69,77,69,32,68,69,32,76,65,32,67,82,69,77,69

... notice that the third character, '69' SHOULD be '200'.

Is it because Oracle prefers 'soixante-neuf' but doesn't like French... !

Actually, this conundrum is all down to different character sets (
WE8ISO8859P1, and US7ASCII ) being established on different instances. Oh
Really... Just something to watch out for.


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