When I issue an alter table move statement and afterwards an alter index
rebuild for the primary key on this
table I got an error duplicate rows found. This primary key is unique.
The database has just been migrated for test purposes. In production we are
still on oracle 7.3.4.

I found the offending rows by validating into an exceptions table. When I
compared these with
production it didn't exist there. I turned out that these records were
updated during the time of copying the
database. This database is on EMC Symmetrix and the copy has been made
through a bcv. Before starting the
bcv all tablespaces are put into backup mode and then a split is done
through EMC software to get a copy.
About 20 seconds before the update in the table the tablespace has been put
into backup mode and 40 seconds
after the update the tablespaces are brought back to normal.

Besides a hotbackup to tape we use this bcv regularly to copy databases so
this behaviour is starting to worry me.
Any idea what might be going wrong here?



Production : HP-UX 10.20, Oracle, Symmetrix 3330
Test: HP-UX 11.11, Oracle

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