Currently we have the following configuration.

3 - 250 MHz processor
1 Gb Memory
3 - 9Gb & 2 -18Gb disks

We are running Solaris 8 and Oracle

We currently have 3 databases.

One is a catch all of smaller apps. Its current size is 2.5 Gb and will grow slowly at maybe a half a Gig a year.
It has 25 users connected at one time. Low Transactions.

The second database is about 5.5G and will grow about 2 Gb a year.
It has about 40 users connected at one time. Medium Transactions

The last database is currently 6 Gb and will grow to 19Gb in one year. This growth will continue. We will determine how many years to keep on line by disk space.
It will be connecting through an Application Server and using OCM. At the App server it will be common to have 350 users and could peak at 900.
Medium to Heavy transactions.

We also have a database that is the same as above except that it is for Decision Support and Data Analysis. It will start at 6Gb and will grow to 19Gb in a year. I am not sure on the number of users. Low to No transactions.

One of the configurations we are considering for a new platform is the following:

SunFire V880

2 - 900 MHz processors
4Gb Memory
12 -73Gb disks ( This is two internal backplanes with 6 disks on each)

Does this configuration look like a suitable replacement for the above needs?
The goals of the above change are to keep Oracle Licensing costs under control. So that is why we are trying to get everything on one machine with the fewest processors needed.
Any alternate suggestions are welcome.


Don Bricker
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