We have turned on encryption and integrity on HP 11.0 64-bit (server
All DBs that use encryption use a 2nd listener on port 1526.
Oracle 7/8/8i clients have NO problem establishing a listener connection AND
a DB connection.
Various client sites (site-wide) periodically get an ORA-12660, "Encryption
or crypto-checksumming parameters incompatible". Nothing has changed in any
*.ora files. I see the listener_xxx.log shows an "establish" for the connect
attempt, but sys.aud$ does NOT show a DB connection. Sometimes bouncing the
DB and/or listener "corrects" the problem, and all users at a site can once
again connect to the DB (until it happens again - not periodic).

Current situation:

Site-A connects to box HPdev and box HPprod (any DB using port 1526).
Site-B connects to box HPprod, but not box HPdev.
Site-C connects to box HPdev (1 of 3 DBs only), but not box HPprod.

I could bounce everything tonight, and if lucky, EVERYTHING works after

In the log file I see:
"17-JUL-2002 00:48:49 * service_update * dbxxx * 0"
What does "service_update" mean?

I occasionally see:
TNS-12502: TNS:listener received no CONNECT_DATA from client.

Does anyone know if the listener is buggy?
Should I patch it?
Install a 9i listener? (Backwards compatible to 7.3.3?)
Could this be a loaded network timing issue?
Any shared experiences would be appreciated.

Alan Martin
Defense Logistics Information Service
Battle Creek, MI

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