Hi all
We have a problem with Oracle 8i database slowing
down while deleting nested tables. Details are...
Configuration :

Oracle 8i Enterprise edition, release on Compaq AlphaServer ES40
alpha(500MHz)with 1024 MB main memory.

Table details

create type rest as OBJECT(time varchar2(5),
use varchar2(3),A double precision,

B double precision,C double precision,
D double precision,E double precision,
F double precision,G double precision,
H double precision,I double precision,
J double precision,K double precision,
L double precision,M double precision,
N double precision,O double precision,
P double precision,Q double precision,
R double precision,S double precision,
T double precision,U varchar2(1),V varchar2(1),

W varchar2(1),use1 varchar2(5))

create type inrest_tab AS TABLE OF rest

create table maintab(Field1 varchar2(2) not null,
Field2 varchar2(6) not null,Field3 varchar2(3) not
Field4 varchar2(4) not null,Field5 varchar2(1),
inrest inrest_tab, ////comment Each row in maintab
contains 60 records in nested table
constraint myKey primary key
NESTED TABLE inrest STORE AS store_tab

When i say
sql>delete from maintab where field1='AB'

it takes around one hour to delete 45 rows
system slows down very much,
sqlplus wont connect to database (simply
other program which is populating a different
table(which is in other tablespace) stucks in betweeen

any suggestions or pointers on this ...
Thanks in advance

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