Oracle Security Alert #34

Dated: 5 June 2002

Security vulnerability in Oracle Net (Oracle9i Database Server)


A potential security vulnerability has been discovered in Oracle Net for
Oracle9i Database that

may result in a potential of denial of service attack against Oracle Net
Listener. A knowledgeable and

malicious user can send a small amount of data to the configured listening
endpoint (for Oracle Net

Listener) that will cause the Oracle Net Listener to consume the available
CPU of the host machine.

Products affected

Oracle9i Database Release 9.0.x (all releases)

Platforms affected

MS Windows and VM only. (Note: Unix, VMS, OS/390 are not affected)



Patch Information

Oracle has fixed the potential vulnerability identified above under patch
number 2367681 for supported

releases of Oracle9i, Release 9.0.x on Windows and VM.

Download currently available patches for your platform from Oracle' s
Worldwide Support web site,

Metalink, http://metalink.oracle.com. Activate the "Patches" button to get
to the patches Web page. Enter

2367681 as indicated above and activate the "Submit" button.

Please check with Metalink or Oracle Worldwide Support Services for patch
availability if the patch for

your platform is not available.

Oracle strongly recommends that you comprehensively test the stability of
your system upon application

of any patch prior to deleting any of the original file(s) that are replaced
by the patch.

Please see the official ORACLE-L FAQ: http://www.orafaq.com
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