A most enjoyable book "Venus on the Half Shell", written by Philip Jose
Farmer under the pseudonym Kilgore Trout, who was a character in many
novels - particularly "Breakfast of Champions" - by Kurt Vonnegut, who was a
good friend of Mr. Farmer - also the author of the "Riverworld" trilogy
(quadrilogy) and others. Oh, the connections!

But the REAL purpose of this post (to keep it On Topic) is to report that my
problem with excessive SNPx memory use turned out to be an artifact of
upgrading from - in which the interMedia Text indexing functions
were handled by ExtProc - to - in which the iM Text functions are
incorporated into the RDBMS kernel.

In 8.1.6 the 200MB used during index resyncs was released by ExtProc when
the process finished. In 8.1.7 the SNP job runs the resync process and the
200MB used is not released. Periodically stopping and restarting the SNPx
processes releases that memory and is an OK workaround.


Jack C. Applewhite
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iNetProfit, Inc.
Austin, Texas

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Hmmph. More kowtowing to Douglas Adam's cheap rip off on Kilgore
Trout's epic, "Venus on the Half Shell". Check the name of the FTL
drive in the latter and compare it to The Question.

Curious though, how the answer is just one more than the maximum ITL
slots with 2k blocks... (he says in a desperate attempt to get back
on topic)

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