If somebody could lend assistance, here or offline, I would appreciate it.

The prob: Oracle SSP5 iprocurement installed on 8.0.5 DB with Oracle Apps
11.0.3. has problems dealing with the 6th session that trys to do a search
in iP. The 6th session will cause ALL connected browser sessions to get a
"server not found" error screen.

I found that if we recuded the -mx500m in the jserv.properties file down to
about 50, we could keep 20+ sessions running, but now the search take
upwards of 10 minutes to search 9000 items. Using TOP, it looks like
Apache grabs all CPU cycles (2-cpu) and spreads the cycles across the
searches. This immediately takes the cpus from 80% idle to 100+% used up,
so nobody on the box gets good response time.

In talking with the HP folks, I have learned that the Apache that comes
with iP is OLD. About 5 versions old.

Is it necessary to use the "oracle" version of Apache, or can we upgrade
the the current HP version of Apache, and still run Apps and iP?

Can a single "apache" service the needs of 3 databases? Right now, we have
an "apache" up and running for each db on the server.

Hardware: HP9000 L2000 2-233mHz cpu, 4G RAM 300+G disk.

Thx : dondealy_at_teleport.com

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