What is the latest guesstimate when Oracle 9 DB server will be released?


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  • Dwayne Cox at Mar 8, 2001 at 2:23 pm
    Just got this from Infoworld's site. It basically talks about 'pieces' of
    9i being
    released ahead of the database. The section of more urgent interest
    is this:

    Oracle's target date for releasing 9i is June 30, Bob
    Shimp, senior director for Oracle 9i marketing, said in
    an interview last week. That would be the tail end of
    Oracle's previously stated launch window of the first
    half of 2001. Indeed, Larry Ellison, Oracle's chairman
    and chief executive officer, said at the OpenWorld
    show in October that Oracle 9i would ship in March.

    Oracle is pitching the new database to ASPs, where
    it hopes to become a significant player in the
    emerging hosted applications market, as well as to
    e-businesses that are using the Internet as a critical
    part of their operations and who need a reliable and
    scalable database.

    Here is the whole article:

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