HI !
Many thanks to all who have responded to my previous posting .
Now i have a new question .
I've installed DBI & DBD-Oracle packages, but i couldn't connect to DB,
and i'm having the following error :

DBI->connect failed: a (DBD: login failed, check ORACLE_HOME/bin is on your

ORACLE_HOME/bin is in my PATH indeed and i don't know what else to look at
.... I'm staled with it for several days already .
Would U please give me a tip about htis ...
Thanks VERY much in advance .

Andrey .

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Hi Andrey,

I didn't see a response to your question, perhaps I missed it, but it's
very simple -- not obvious to most people that have done installs
before, but still simple.

Check out the HTML docs that get installed with Active Perl. From the
first page there's a link to "Installing Modules". That page talks about
the "Perl Package Manager" (PPM) which you run from a DOS prompt. If
you're connected to the internet, you can use this tool to download and
install all kinds of modules, including the DBI (Database Interface) and
Oracle DBD (Database Driver) packages. (If you're not connected to the
internet, I *think* the page gives details for workarounds.)

These modules (DBI/DBD) are a great way to access Oracle from within
Perl. These are the "newer versions" of the routines which started as
OraPerl, and it's well worthwhile the effort to convert any old OraPerl
code to them, as they are standard and they have multiple database
drivers (not just Oracle) available.

I would also recommend checking out the main Perl page www.perl.com;
look under the section "Programming with Perl" and follow the
"databases" link for a lot more info!


Andrey Bronfin wrote:
HI, dear DBAs ! I'm looking for a source to get Oraperl ( or
something similar ) in order to be able to work with Oracle DB using
ActivePerl on Windows2000 .Would anyone please point me to a source (
a binary is much preferable ) .I searched through all the yahoo and
didn't succeed . There are many sources, but none for Windows

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