couple of days ago someone asked for info on Oracle's document database

(part1) http://www.oracle.com/oramag/oracle/00-sep/o50idv.html

excerpts from the above:

"The interMedia extensions and tools focus on database actions in a
Web environment. The extensions include a set of object-relational
datatypes (ORDs) with methods and attributes supporting hundreds of
multimedia and content-rich types. These types range from storing and
retrieving images to performing similar actions on full-motion video
streamed directly from a database with the help of utilities such as
RealNetworks RealServer7."


"Although interMedia may not be
appropriate for every implementation of a content-rich application, you
should consider using it for such a task. interMedia promotes an integral
method for storing this type of data and is included when you purchase
Oracle8i Enterprise Edition. "

(part2) http://www.oracle.com/oramag/oracle/00-nov/o60int.html

excerpts from the above:

"interMedia provides a set of
services that strategically support
working with rich data from
Web-enabled applications,
including full text searching with
interMedia Text, the next
generation of Oracle Context
services, now tightly integrated
with the database. interMedia is
included with [***]all[***] licenses of
Oracle8i. "


"Part 1 of this series (Oracle
Magazine, September/October
2000) introduced the interMedia
Web Agent, the component of
interMedia that provides HTTP access, and showed you how to
write simple procedures that the Web Agent can use for
manipulation and retrieval of rich data between the database and
the Web. Now, we'll go a step further and learn to work with and
manipulate rich data using the interMedia Clipboard. "

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