Hi Mark,

816 is supported on W2K - I have also read somewhere that 817 might not be
supported on W2K (but since I understand it is not released yet for NT that
might be a moot point).

As for both SQL Server and Oracle on the same machine:
I have a server running NT 4 with SQL Server 6.5 and Oracle 81613 both on
They are both only test instances but I have found some conflicts so far:
eg the MS DTC service from Sql Server can hold locks on Oracle dll's and
cause minor issues when upgrading.
The Oracle services prevented me from applying a SP to SQL Server- it worked
ok once I stopped the Oracle services.

Others on the list have before stated:
We are running Oracle 7.3.4, Oracle 8.1.5 and SQLServer 6.5 on the same NT
4.0 Box, no problems yet.
Also we run Oracle 8.1.6 and SQLServer 7 on Windows 2000 box, also no
problem yet.

Hope this helps.
Bruce Reardon

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From: GKor_at_rdw.nl
Sent: Monday, 13 November 2000 22:15

we have installed 8.1.6. r2 on w2k, no problem
hardware is the ES7000 from Unisys
Verzonden: 13-nov-00 11:51
Onderwerp: 8.1.6 r2 on Win2000

Hey list,

I'm getting a nice shiny PIII 733mhz desktop for my pleasure.. wooohooo..
currently have the 8.1.6 r2 for NT download from TechNet, but am unsure of
whether this will run on Win2000? Any insight? I have searched TechNet,
can't find a mention..

I also want to install MS SQL Server 7 on this same machine.. Does anybody
have a set up like this at the moment? If so your feedback on any problems
or configuration tips would be really helpful. This is only a test box,
the demo databases supplied for data, no transactions, purely for testing
tools, and any problems I feel I can help with on the list of course :)

Thanks guys.. and gals.. loaned goddesses)

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