I know that nobody tested trigger.module as a user not being uid 1
because a severe menu bug introduced on May 16 (aka before the commit
of actions) made all actions admin pages inaccessible for anyone but
uid 1. I could apologize for this mistake but I won't.

Instead I am glad that this brightly reveals some inefficiency of our
testing. To correct that, I would like to ask for a serious push on
simpletests. This bug was revealed by cwgordon7, a GHOP student while
working on those. I am going to work on
http://drupal.org/project/simpletest_automator more during the next
two days making it even easier to create tests. If anyone needs a site
to play with the automator and churn out tests, let me know.

We are in an interesting position: very soon we will run out of
critical bugs (thanks god!) but we can't release because there is no
Views module and drupal.org is not updated.

Let's use this time to cover core with simpletests and make Drupal 6
the best release ever. The angel of Drupal testing (aka webchick)
posted http://groups.drupal.org/node/5974 this fantastic list for us.
So... it's season for testing.

In the past, I wanted to ask Dries to introduce this season. Instead,
I would like to ask everyone to ask from her/himself as I did "oh my
god, what else could be there" and then join the simpletest writing


Karoly Negyesi

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  • Karoly Negyesi at Dec 26, 2007 at 10:14 am
    Note: as I am developing simpletests, it is not hard. I found one thing which was not trivial: to uncheck a checkbox set it to FALSE, nothing else (unset, NULL etc) works.

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