We have come up with the following items as a plan to announce Dojo 1.7
within the upcoming week.

Firstly, a few updates to dojotoolkit.org are in order, and the parties
responsible have been notified (thanks to David Walsh for relaying the

1. Update the Dojo version number to 1.7, and update reported browser
versions on the browser logos' tooltips

2. Update the Downloads page to reference Dojo 1.7 URLs; we will need to
have a note in the interim about CDN, saying that 1.7 is still in the
process of being submitted to CDNs. We should also note that users of
Dojo 1.7 via CDN should load dojo.js, not dojo.xd.js. This seems to be
the right thing to do going forward, rather than continue dragging
.xd.js around as an artifact and add more code just to support it;
people will have to update their CDN URLs to point to 1.7 anyway as it is.

3. As per Tom: push API docs, and get in touch with Robert Chady to make
/api/data/1.7 writable. We will likely want to iterate on this once we
figure out how to get properties to show up again, ideally sooner rather
than later (see http://bugs.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/14019).

I believe Pete is also playing around with exporting wiki docs for
reference-guide. Now that we have switched over to rstwiki, I fully
expect that we will be creating a branch in git for 1.7 docs for
continued fixes to examples (and perhaps to remove the 1.8 release notes
from the 1.7 version of the docs).

Given that a few doc changes have gone in that make the reference guide
rather specifically applicable to 1.7, I am wondering if it's possible
for us to move the current hosted reference-guide to a 1.6 subfolder, so
that it's still around for people on older versions to reference?

Dylan is also going to work on a blog post to announce 1.7; word is that
should be ready next Tuesday. Hopefully items 1-3 above can start going
live before then, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Thanks for everybody's hard work on making 1.7 happen!


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