Approximately on 5/1/2011 we had some kind of svn hiccup, which made
both mirrors out-of-sync with the repository. Specifically we had
commits in mirrors (copied from svn) with different checksums than in
the same svn repo some time later. I say it is svn because all
repositories hosted by git and hg were affected.

I was able to revive dojo, dijit, dojox, and demos on github. I had to
blow away util, and recreate it anew. If somebody cloned it, and pulls
changes periodically from util --- please verify that your setup still
works. If not, prepare patches and port them over using the new
repository as the base.

I have no idea when/if I can revive mirrors on bitbucket --- I am less
versed in hg than in git. The worst case is to wipe them out
completely, and recreate anew. If anybody has strong opinion on this
matter please chime in.


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Eugene Lazutkin

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