Recently I am using collector and dashboard.
I have run:
uaac token client get admin --secret $2
uaac client add dashboard --access_token_validity 5000
--refresh_token_validity 10000 --secret secret --authorized_grant_types
"authorization_code,refresh_token" --authorities
"uaa.resource,tokens.read,tokens.write" --scope "openid,dashboard.user"
uaac client add dashboard_admin --access_token_validity 5000
--refresh_token_validity 10000 --secret somesecret --authorized_grant_types
"client_credentials" --authorities
--scope "uaa.none"
uaac token client get dashboard_admin --secret somesecret
It seems all right. But when i run:
uaac group add openid
Igot the error:
CF::UAA::BadResponse: received invalid response content or type
Does anyone know how to slove this problem or any suggestions?
I looked into the uaa dasebase,there are 3 tables:
List of relations
Schema | Name | Type | Owner
public | oauth_client_details | table | root
public | sec_audit | table | root
public | users | table | root
So I have a question: where the group information is stored?

Thanks you very much .

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  • Dave Syer at Feb 6, 2013 at 9:39 am

    On 06/02/13 07:13, 王翔宇 wrote:
    So I have a question: where the group information is stored?
    If you don't have the tables for groups then you are probably running
    an older version of UAA. I think 1.2.6 is in production and it has
    group support because we use it for the dashboard.

    Note also that "openid" is not a group (or rather it is a default scope
    that all users are allowed and it is not necessary to create it explicitly).

    I also noticed that your dashboard client has explicit authorities but
    only auth code grant type (so the authorities will never be used). The
    authorities should be empty for a client that only does user tokens.

    Dave Syer

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