Inside STS, I have managed to add the local CF, and when I create a basic
Spring MVC based application and drag it down to Cloud Foundry Server to
deploy and run it, it fails to start, and the error states there is a 405
Client Access Error. 1) Where do I go to see or view more verbose logging
than this? 2) After deploying this application, I do see the application
listed using "*vmc apps" *and if I perform *"vmc start appname -t" *this
appears to begin to start it, and then it states 504 gateway access error,
timeout occurs. 3) When it appears to have been started despite throwing
this error, browsing to the URL displays a 404 nginx page not found error.

I do not have this issue if I deploy to the STS tcServer instance. I also
do not have this issue with a separate development environment altogether,
where on a separate machine I have a micro cloud foundry. Deploying the
same sample application works fine.

Any help / insight is appreciated.


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