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Update: VCAP Repo Split (ticket #56520)

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Luke Bakken, Jun 04 05:37 (AKDT):


Jesse Zhang, Jun 01 16:57 (AKDT):

Hi Cloud Foundry developers,
The following core components / gems in vcap have been broken out into
their own repos (<new repo>, [dir in vcap], [content]):

1. vcap-common, common
2. vcap-staging, staging
3. dea
4. router
5. stager
6. warden, warden + warden-client + em-warden-client
7. package_cache, package_cache + package_cache_client
8. cloud_controller, cloud_controller + health_manager

*How do I contribute to vcap-staging now?*
The new workflow would be:

1. hack on vcap-staging repo
2. build gem, edit Gemfiles and vendor the new gem into cloud_controller
and stager
3. bosh deploy, bvt
4. go back to 1 if problems found
5. gerrit push to vcap-staging
6. when the changes in 5 are merged, bump the SHA in Gemfiles in
cloud_controller and stager repos to the commit you have tested (*not
necessarily the merge commit*), bosh deploy the changes and pass BVT
7. gerrit-push your changes to cloud_controller and stager repos

*I have unsubmitted changes to cloud_controller (stager, warden...) in my
private branch of VCAP*

1. No changes in the broken out components should go into vcap
2. If you have diverged by one commit, copy it over to the new repo and
3. If you have a more complicated history that you would like to
preserve (say a diverged branch with 10 commits), use the git branch
filters at https://github.com/d/repo-split/blob/master/split.sh, and
re-submit to the new repos

*What will happen to those subdirectories in vcap?*
They are hanging on there for a brief grace period. Everyone should be
moving in an orderly fashion towards the fire exits.

*What will happen to dev_setup?*
The developer setup will clone each individual repo and deploy from head.

*Nothing seems to work as I expect*
Please let us know by posting on vcap-dev@cloudfoundry.org


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