bosh-gen is a tool to rapid create bosh releases, and even faster if you borrow stuff from other releases (cf-release, for example has lots of gold in it).

Now v0.8.1 is released. The changes since the last email to bosh-users@ are below.

Coming soon: bosh-solo! The rapid development tool for locally developing/testing your bosh releases before you upload them to a bosh.

From the ChangeLog (https://github.com/drnic/bosh-gen/blob/master/ChangeLog.md#v080):



package - the packaging script include default tar/configure/make sequence for all tarballs

For example, bosh-gen package nginx -f ..../blobs/nginx/, the resulting packaging is:

set -e # exit immediately if a simple command exits with a non-zero status set -u # report the usage of uninitialized variables export HOME=/var/vcap tar xzf nginx/nginx-1.2.0.tar.gz cd nginx-1.2.0 ./configure --prefix=${BOSH_INSTALL_TARGET} make make install



extract-job & extract-pkg - copies files mentioned in specs
package - large files go into blobs/ folder

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