i deploy bosh with micro bosh with bosh-release/releases/bosh-5.yml

and then i try to deploy cloud foundry with bosh. i created a release and
upload it. but got some error when "creating new package"

Creating new packages
router/37: Could not create object, 400/
Error 21/62

and i login the blobstore vm in bosh, and find the root filesystem is full,
because i uploaded packages in directory named "/var/vcap/store/blobstore"

and this vm has 2 disks, and the second disk is mount at /var/vcap/data

and then , i move /var/vcap/store to /var/vcap/data and create a link at
original position.

re-upload the release and successful.

i don't if it is a known-bug, and i check the other jobs in bosh-release,
like postgres and redis, they all put their data under /var/vcap/store, not
in /var/vcap/data.

these vms' root filesystem will be fulfilled soon.

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