Hi folks,

I created a really simple blobstore proxy server to cache blob files on a
local server.

* https://github.com/yudai/simple_blobstore_proxy

It's too simple but sometimes useful because you can reduce time to
download large files.
Of course, for production releases, more reliable blobstores such Riak CS
and Amazon S3 are recommended.

I also created a tiny command to stabilise the fingerprint of packages.

* https://gist.github.com/yudai/5310346

I found sometimes `bosh create release` generates a new version of certain
packages even when they have no changes (simply clone cf-release and run
the command).
GIT 1.7.9 (Ubuntu 12.04 default) uses a absolute path in the .git file of
submodules and this makes the fingerprint of some packages unfixed. I
confirmed the fingerprints of "dea_next" and "daylimit" depend on the
directory where I checkout the cf-release repository. This command rewrites
the .git files with relative paths and prevent from generating unnecessary
As GIT 1.7.10 (Ubuntu 12.10 default) uses the same relative path by
default, this command ensures forward compatibility.


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