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As we make the migration from Gerrit to Github, we are also moving to
Github Issues for bug reporting.

Please discontinue your use of the Cloud Foundry JIRA system. If you had
open tickets, you should have been contacted with instructions or a
resolution. We did export the entire JIRA database should anyone need
attachments or reference materials.

The decision to move to Github Issues was simple. We want to focus our
attention, and our community's attention, on fewer destinations. Keeping
JIRA, on top of the existing list of tools (Google groups, Zendesk, Github,
IRC) makes the world a more confusing place. Simplicity feels good.

There are pros and cons in using Github Issues over a feature rich
ticketing system. One of the downsides is the lack of central information
regarding how many issues are open across the repositories that comprise
the Cloud Foundry code base. The same can be said for pull requests. Over
the next few weeks, we will be building some utilities to manage these
kinds of things.

Thanks so much!

Matt Reider
Product Manager
Cloud Foundry

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