Hi Wen, I've not yet contributed to bosh, but some pointers I gathered
around if this can help:

1. Is cloudfoundry deployed by bosh now? And all the vcap services
(cloud controller, dae, etc) is started by bosh agent?

yes, see the list of jobs into
Not clear to me though whether there is some available support to autoscale
the cloudfoundry release as new apps/services are deployed and all
dea/services jobs in pools get allocated, or whether one would write
scripts to perform this automatic scaling.

What is the
relationship of vcap health manager and bosh health monitor, etc? It
seems there are some duplicated services in both.
seems the vcap health manager in vcap focuses on vcap instances and
attempts to recover from some situation (rogue instances, restart crashed
instances, possibly as a result of hosted apps-triggered issues), whereas
the bosh health monitor merely detects jobs-related issues and notifies ops.


2. If I want to work on the source of cloudfoundry and bosh, which two
are the main repos? (vcap and bosh)?

This blog provides an overview of the vcap source organization

What is cf-release, btw?
I understand cf-release is containing the cloud foundry release in the
"bosh format" (packages, jobs...)
3. What is the status of deploying bosh/cloudfoundry on openstack? I
am interested on working this out.


Hope this helps,


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