*Simple step to change the ip address without modifying postgresSQL db*

1) stop all the cloudera manager agents in all the clusters
2) stop the cloudera manager server and server db service in the scm server
(namenode server)
3) Modify /etc/cloudera-scm-agent/config.ini to point to the new scm server
ip (namenode server ip)
4) In /etc/hosts file add your new ip address and hostnames
5) Start all the services 1 by 1 from server-db, server, agent and you can
see the ips got changed in the Host on cloudera

On Friday, April 27, 2012 2:07:25 PM UTC-4, Chaitanya wrote:


We currently have a working cluster with around 10 nodes. And, now we
have a situation where we need to us new IP's for these hosts instead
of the old IP's. I have gone through the discussions in this forum and
tried to implement the option of updating hosts table in PostgreSQL.

Here are the steps that I have followed:
1. Updated the ip_address field in the hosts table for 1 node.
2. Updated the /etc/hosts file with the new IP address in two machines
(cloudera manager server and the data node which I have changed the IP
address for)

The Cloudera Manager temporarily shows up with the updated IP address
on the Hosts Page but it overrides my update with the original IP
address after few seconds. I have noticed that optimistic_lock_version
field of hosts table gets increased by 1 every single time this
override happens.

Please let me know how to fix this? Did I miss any additional updates?


P.S I have found that import/export option of Cloudera Manager will
work, but if buggy might drop some configurations. So, I was willing
to take the other route of updating hosts for just one node and make
it work.

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