Dear all,

I had an unexpected error, my master server of cloudera manager is down
(not working at all)

Also the datanode cannot be stopped from before, when I typed $service
hadopp-0.20-datanode stop: unrecognized service, the problem is that the
server is down so I couldn't access the webUI

So I installed the CM on a new server, but the problem is during other
hosts inspection,
slave11: Inspector did not run successfully.
There are mismatched versions across the system. See details below for
details on which hosts are running what versions of components.
Some Cloudera Management Daemons are installed with a differing version
from the server. Check package versions in the tables below.

Although am sure that both have same CHD versions..

So any help what to do?

do I have to reinstall them on new servers?

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postedSep 24, '12 at 8:02a
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