Hi Rupesh,

As always, it's better to send these questions to the list so that people
who can help
see your question and so that other people who have the problem can see the

Yes, if you are going to use HA, this will affect you. Changing the UID is
possible, but you have to identify all the files owned by the hdfs user and
chown them
back to the hdfs user after changing the UID (as the file ownership is
stored by the
UID value and not the string)

You can also relax the permissions on the shared directory so that both
users have
write access to it (perhaps by putting them in a common group, etc)


On 18 September 2012 11:02, Rupesh Chakrala wrote:

Hi Phil,

I am seeing this message when I run Host Inspector:

*"The numeric user id of the hdfs user varies across hosts"*

I saw your update on a similar post for a different customer, where you
said* "It's fine to ignore the error if you don't plan to use shared

But I am using High availability/Failover feature for the name node, which
uses NFS share to write meta data(shared by active and standby namenodes).
Should this error message I'm getting be a problem in this case? If so, can
I manually change the userd ID for HDFS without any problem? The cluster is
already up and running for over a month.


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