I am getting some wierd error when trying to run coun(*) on table having
lzo compressed data and index built. Same table can be queried from hive. I
am also able to query same data that is uncompressed in other table.

All I did is
created a table with INPUTFORMAT as lzo, inserted the data into this table
from other table in hive. Ran indexer for this table directory so that
index is created on all .lzo files in hdfs. When running count(*) on this
table getting below error:

Backend 2:No block index for
hdfs://xxx:8020/user/beeswax/warehouse/kk_test_event_lzo/000007_0.lzo after
offset: 142742390
No block index for
hdfs://xxx:8020/user/beeswax/warehouse/kk_test_event_lzo/000006_0.lzo after
offset: 137878948
No block index for
hdfs://xxx:8020/user/beeswax/warehouse/kk_test_event_lzo/000009_0.lzo after
offset: 79791501

Would appreciate any help. Data delimiter is hive default.

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