Hi all,

Cloudera Manager 5 offers a way to take then restore snapshots for the
whole HDFS through web page. Here is the link
it. I would like to save the snapshots files in my storage devices, then
restore the whole HDFS from these snapshots files by myself. Here are some
action items and questions to achieve this goal.

1: Take snapshot.
     Done. I defined the snapshot policy and took the HDFS snapshot through
Cloudera Manager web page.

2: Copy snapshot files to my storage device
     Where are the snapshot files in HDFS or Cloudera Manager? Can I copy
snapshot files to my storage device?

3: Construct HDFS from these snapshot files
     I had better construct all the files in HDFS from snapshot files by
myself instead of calling commands from Cloudera Manager. So what is the
format in snapshot files? How to construct HDFS files from these snapshot
files? If it is not feasible, how to restore it with the help of Cloudera

Jack Chen

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