Managed to get RAID 1 working but the sync process claimed it was going to
take a serious amount of time. Looking at the stats revealed that the sync
operation was running at a max of 250kB/sec which seems chronically low.

Basic drive performance (hdparm) tests seemed OK so I guess the controller's
not up to it?

The info that came with the controller was all-but-non-existent but during a
reboot I noticed that it flashed up a 'press CTRL-S to enter RAID setup' for
about 1/4 sec and I managed to catch it and define card/BIOS-based RAID but
this got confusing because when I restarted the server, Linux could still
see 'hda' and 'hdc' rather that a single 'drive' as I expected.

That's where I left it as I had to go sort out a couple of WIN2K servers
(mumble mumble) with trojan infections! Next week I might try putting the
drives on separate controllers again and re-setup Linux software RAID,
otherwise I'll check out some of the recommendations I saw earlier for
better controllers.



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