Hello friends

I was installed the yum group Virtualization to start tests about it, but
when my machine was restarted, hung up in same time of start xend daemon ..,
I'm stoped the daemon with chkconfig and the OS work's fine (without xen),
but when I started the daemon, my NIC/Switch led turn off.

For recommendation of a guy in #xen channel (irc.freenode.com), I cahnged
my NIC and this problem was solved., but every time, my network stop answer

There are any lists like Hardware Compatible List to Xen ?!, to jump
problems like above, where I'll really what NIC I can use.

Thank's in advanced.
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  • Kai Schaetzl at May 3, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    Waldirio Manh?es Pinheiro wrote on Sat, 3 May 2008 14:24:06 -0300:

    There are any lists like Hardware Compatible List to Xen
    Most NICs that are compatible with CentOS will also be compatible with
    Xen. I doubt your problem really is the card by itself. I'd rather think
    it's a driver or the way it's plugged into your PC. If I understand you
    correctly you already tried two cards and both failed in some way. I think
    that might point to the latter cause I mention. It might also help if you
    would tell about your hardware. Nowadays the NIC is usually embedded on
    the mainboard, so you must be either using old hardware or using the
    external NIC for a good reason.


    Kai Sch?tzl, Berlin, Germany
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