Grokbase Groups Cayenne dev June 2011
* Artifacts for Cayenne 3.0.2 (STABLE) prepared for release vote. This is a bug-fix
release with no new API changes.
* Work on 3.0.3 (STABLE) and 3.1 (UNSTABLE) releases to continue with another 3.1
milestone expected soon.
* Google Summer of Code: Ksenia Khailenko is mentoring Eshan Sudharaka on adding
Cayenne Modeler support into Eclipse.
* DocBook migration. Christian Grobmeier organised complimentary licenses for Oxygen
XML to assist migrating site documentation from Confluence to DocBook.

Web site
* Highlighting unfinished items from Branding Requirements (per )
* Website Navigation Links: navbar links included, link to included
(Needs work. Consider how to rearrange navigation to avoid confusion between links
which leave the Cayenne site and those which don't.)
* Logos and Graphics: include TM, use consistent product logo on your site
(OK, other than 'tm' symbols)
* Further work on the website styling on hold pending our evaluation of Apache CMS
as a replacement for Confluence.


* Mailing list activity is normal.
* Christian Grobmeier announced on the developer mailing list he has agreed to writing
two technical articles on Cayenne for JavaMagazine which should be published this fall.
We will continue helping Christian by answering questions he has on Cayenne.

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