Grokbase Groups Cayenne dev May 2007
Kevin, Tore and myself spent a few hours last night on IRC #cayenne
preparing and testing 1.2.3 and 2.0.3 artifacts:

My IRC log is in some XML format. It was generated by Colloquy Mac
client, not sure if it is readable by any other tools. If anybody
wants to read the chat, Kevin should have a more readable version.

I will start a vote shortly. There were a few issues listed below.
None of them affect the released code per se, mostly the unit tests.
So the artifacts posted last night should not be affected.

* FrontBase - a known failure per CAY-729
* MySQL and SQLServer tests succeed when run on a fresh database.
Running over existing schema results in schema generation errors due
to the unit test code failing to drop constraints properly.
* Remaining RAT warnings for the for test resources

I will be working on the second issue shortly, but as I said, this is
not a bug in Cayenne.


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