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All As per the WHATSNEW file I see that one of the issues modified the interpretation/evaluation of quotes within an ant argument, e.g.:
 * Ant fails to run when arguments contain double-quote character.
   Bugzilla Report 58898
I've requested a bugzilla login account and was planning to add a comment to this bug report, but I figured I'd just post this here.
Previously with ant 1.9.6 and earlier the line expanded to -Dbr.cmd="co-r ", which is correct.   Now afterupdating to Ant 1.9.7 the expansion is messed up.  It actually evaluates to '-Dbr.cmd="co'-r ' " '  including all of thequotes shown.  It’s hard to read so I addedspaces around the one double quote at the end.  It actuallylooks like ‘”’.  Then ant gives the error -r option invalid.
I am assuming it's the modifications for 58898 that are causing this.
Needless to say, that I can modify the scripts we use, so the field itself does not contain the double quotes, and that the field is only surrounded by them.  But I was surprised that my build failed almost immediately as ant was kicked off.
Is anyone else seeing issues with double quotes in Ant 1.9.7? Thanks, just wanted to supply the info.KM

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