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Macrodef very explicitly says that the macro invocation is treated as a

Unfortunately, I need macros to simplify gathering resources, so macrodef
doesn't help me.

So I'm requesting <resource-macrodef> and <resource-macro> -- just working
names, I'm sure something better exists -- which are isomorphic with
Macrodef but have invocations that are typed as Resource Collections.
Syntax could be almost identical, but use <union> in place of <sequential>
as the body element.

Or, perhaps better, just modify macrodef so it recognizes when its body is
a union rather than a squential and changes its type (and the type of its
invocation) appropriately.

(Personally, I really wish that you'd left macros as pure syntactic
operations rather than constraining them to be tasks in the first place...
but since that decision was made, I think you need to "drop the other
shoe" and give us the resources equivalent.)

"Everything should be as simple as possible. But not simpler." --
attributed to Albert Einstein

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