Hi all !

I'm trying to install Apache ant 1.6.5 on AIX 5.2. I unpacked the tar file and I tried as mentionned in the Building ant Manual to build ant from sources.

However when i build ant with the script build.sh I had a problem with the underscript bootstrap.sh :

I get this error :

./build.sh -Ddir.dist=ant dist

... Bootstrapping Ant Distribution
... Compiling Ant Classes
./bootstrap.sh[130]: /usr/java14/sh/javac: arg list too long
... Failed compiling Ant classes !
Bootstrap FAILED

I find that the problem come from the code :

"${JAVAC}" $BOOTJAVAC_OPTS -d ${CLASSDIR} ${TOOLS}/bzip2/*.java ${TOOLS}/tar/*.java ${TOOLS}/zip/*.java \
${TOOLS}/ant/util/regexp/RegexpMatcher.java \
${TOOLS}/ant/util/regexp/RegexpMatcherFactory.java \
${TOOLS}/ant/types/*.java \
${TOOLS}/ant/taskdefs/compilers/*.java \
${TOOLS}/ant/taskdefs/condition/*.java \
${TOOLS}/ant/*.java ${TOOLS}/ant/taskdefs/*.java
if [ $ret != 0 ]; then
echo ... Failed compiling Ant classes !
exit $ret

I try to separate the instruction in two part but I get a new error when the build.sh script use the build.xml file.

Is there any solution to correct the JAVAC compilation to make it works ? Is there anybody who had this error. Or does it exist some binary of ant that works on AIX 5.2

Thanks a lot


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