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Instead of using a catalog, I'm using the schemaLocation attribute in the top
level tag (i.e. xsi:schemaLocation="[namespace] [locationUri]")

Using this technique the XML file validates successfully in XMLSpy as well as
jEdit (which uses the Xerces parser). Yet, if I use the ant XMLValidate task I
get the following error:

[xmlvalidate] .../navigationTopLevel.xml:4:156: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the
declaration of element 'navigationTopLevel'.

As far as I can tell, jEdit and Ant should be using the exact same Xerces
parser, so anyone know why I'm getting this error?


--- Jordan Reed wrote:
I'm working with XMLValidate task in Ant and can't figure out two items.

How do I make a reference to map an external xml schema? The xmlcatalog item
appears to only support DTD. Am I missing something?

Setting Xerces properties. The "attribute" tag appears to set features, but
there a way to set the properties on the parser as well?

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