James, thanks for the explanations. I misread the notes.

As an exercise, I'm trying to convert an existing project that currently
uses Scriptindex and Omega to direct Xapian API calls. I did a (I
think) complete dump of a document with
delve -r 565 -d database
and I see things like

subject='A typical subject'
with a corresponding set of terms like
Sa Stypical Ssubject

Which is what I expect, however I have two "fields" unixdate and summary
which I've specified as

unixdate : field date=unix
summary : field

In my index file. They are displayed in the delve output as

summary=Do you remember what was wrong with the bearings?

I don't see a set of terms that would correspond to either of these.
Yes, the words (terms) are there but no prefixes to indicate how they
are related to the field names. I assume there is some magic and/or
delve isn't dumping everything.

The purpose of this investigation is to figure out how to add something
to the document, storing this info. In looking at the Document api, I
only see how to add data, terms and values. None of those three appear
to be options either.

Can someone enlighten me?


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