Krish S wrote:
I have been able to install xapian build index and perform search using php-bindings. Now, I would like to use xapian-omega for indexing and search. There's very few documentation about it. My needed:Building index of files (which is located /var/www/filerepos)Building index from database (selected table, table customer)Search using PHP (is there any way I can access index using Xapian APIs or there exists xapian-omega APIs for php). Files in filerepos are linked with database (it's webased file management system) and different permission is associated with files. So, I have to format result further. Depending on permission, I also have to filter filesearch result.
Any help regarding this, would be greatly helpful.
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Omega is a stand along program that does searching only. It's written
in C++ and by using the templates furnished with omega, you can use it
to provide a simple web based interface to your data. The program
scriptindex is often used to generate the Xapian database for omega. It
reads data in a specific format from text files and uses a configuration
file to define the database fields.

To use omega from PHP, I would suggest using the XML template, modifying
it to include your specific fields and calling omega via a curl library
call. This would require omega be included in the cgi-bin directory of
your web server.

That said, it's probably better to stick with the php bindings. Why are
you looking for a different solution?


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