Amias Channer wrote:
Hello Xapianistas ,

I am writing an email search tool in Perl and would like users to be
able to search for messages by date .

I decided that i when indexing i would catch dates and convert them to
seconds since epoch(SSE) and give them a prefix and weight. By then
interpreting the incoming queries in to SSE I hope to use the range
operator to allow for date ranges.

Before i then start dealing with the clusterf**k that is date
manipulation it occured to me that this must be quite a common
thing to do. I couldn't find it in mentioned in the docs , or
on the list so i thought i'd see how you lot have done it .

Have i missed something built-in that does this ?
Has anyone done this before ? how did it go ?
Is SSE the right way to go for dates in Xapian ?

Any comments or assistance on this would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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One method is discussed here:


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