As of right now you can't! tomcat relies on where the user was trying to go in order to figure out where to redirect to after the form is submitted. Example:

1) try to get to /secure_html/prices.html
2) tomcat intercepts, displays login page, and "remember" where user was trying to go.
3) user submits, tomcat authenticats, tomcat redirects to location in step #1

If you search though the bug database (i think) a user posted an update to one of the catalina class files that allowed for a "j_url" hidden tag in the form (or something like that name), and the updated code pulled that value out and redirect to that url. I haven't tried it and I don't think I will because I've given up on using tomcat's single sign on and authentication abilities.


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Subject: JDBCRealm + Form Based Auth. How do I tell it were to go if
loginis ok?

Hello there. Very new to realms and java, so sorry if this is too

I have set up a JDBCRealm using PostgreSQL and it all seems to work, It
does connect and load the roles, and when I try to access protected
resources, it does go to the Form based login I specigy in web.xml and
the error page for that works too.

My question is, since the form action in the login page points to <%=
response.encodeURL("j_security_check") %>, how, or where do I specify
where my app goes after a succesful login?

Thanks in advance!

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