On 29/10/2014 19:27, Mark Thomas wrote:
On 29/10/2014 19:05, Rémy Maucherat wrote:
2014-10-29 20:00 GMT+01:00 Mark Thomas <markt@apache.org>:
OK. That makes sense.

My initial reading of the spec was that the ISE was required as soon as
complete() was called. After all, that is what the Javadoc says.

However... the Javadoc for complete() says:
If this method is called before the container-initiated dispatch that
called startAsync has returned to the container, then the call will not
take effect (and any invocations of AsyncListener.onComplete(AsyncEvent)
will be delayed) until after the container-initiated dispatch has
returned to the container.

It is certainly possible to read the Javadoc for complete() as meaning
that the ISE should not be thrown until after onComplete() finishes
although that isn't how I have been reading it.

I withdraw my veto (again) and I don't see the need for those

I'll take a look at the failing unit tests and see what I can do to get
them to pass.
Yes, the javadoc is kinda wrong since it should mention the associated
event. Use of the strict flag could remain until the testsuite passes IMO.
OK. Lets leave it in place until the issues with the tests are fixed.

The started flag being true for the MUST_COMPLETE state is causing
problems too. It breaks code like this:

if (request.isAsyncStarted()) {

While you could make the "effects of complete have to be delayed..."
argument, I don't think it holds in this case as the ability to test if
complete() needs to be called is more important.

What do you think about reverting that particular change?
For the record, revert that change and all the other test failures go away.


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