On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 12:41 PM, Jeremy Boynes wrote:
The only bug remaining that impact the JSTL libraries is #46052 (locale performance on 1.6). Henri suggested releasing in its current form which sounds reasonable. Should we release this as 1.2.0? Is this a good version number - should we use something like 1.2.0-beta?

This will be the first release in a long time and the first since the switch to a Maven based build. The process is described here

I think we need to release the parent POM first to get it in the central repo, and then the artifacts that depend on it.

I'd volunteer to RM this but:
1) I'm not a PMC member (which I don't think matters if we get enough votes from PMC members)
None of the Taglib committers are, so not an important one :)
2) I'd need to update my PGP key in the WoT (somehow)
Do we need new keys now? I can obviously hook you into the WoT if I'm
still in it given that we can arrange something during the day.
3) I've not done the above process before so will likely mess things up.
Me neither. Best foot forward etc :)



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