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On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 9:36 AM, sebb wrote:
On 8 July 2010 16:22, Henri Yandell wrote:

IIUC, it means the tag would not refer to any trunk revision.
Strictly speaking, yes, there is no exact match in trunk, because the
version fixes are deliberately not applied to trunk.
It gets around having a commit to a tag by hiding the change in the copy.
Sort of. The changes are not hidden, they are shown in the commit e-mail.
e-mails are fairly worthless though. The issue for me is that while it
is in the svn log history, it's in a trunk->tag copy that many will
assume is an atomic step.

Immutability of tags vs atomic commits.
I'd rather get over the notion that tags can't be modified than be tagging uncommitted code.
All the code is committed; it's just not all in trunk.

However, if you modify the tag after creation as you suggest, again
the revisions to the tag won't appear in trunk.

AFAICT, the only way to ensure that a tag corresponds to a trunk
revision is to tag from trunk and then never change the tag =>
immutable tag.
Agreed; but not agreed on it being important. The need for a tag to
point to a trunk revision is an arbitrary invention of our development
process; instead:

* Create release branch.
* Develop on release branch.
* Declare release branch releaseable [vote].
* 'Tag' by making release branch read-only. In SVN terms, mv the
release branch from 7.0.0-release to 7.0.0.

Not saying that's great, just that issue may be in how we're defining
the problem.
The end result of the method I propose is similar to creating the tag
and then updating it, but it's easier to spot violations, because a
tag should only appear the once, and never in an update commit.
But obscures history. I may be weird - I seem to spend a lot of my
time in source control history so care a lot about keeping it simple.

Also I'm bikeshedding - I've not been a Tomcat release manager, so
there may be details that differ from my experience elsewhere.


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