Hi All

We are using 1.6 SVN.
We like to svn merge from our branch A to trunk.
We have been diligent in svn merge from trunk to A.
These svn merges from trunk to branch A also include --record-only merges
too, in addition to regular merges.
Development on branch A has stopped.
Now we like to merge branch A to trunk using --reintegrate option.
But we dont know what to expect if using this option fails on us.

1) Suppose svn merge --reintegrate fails on us on a working copy that has all
the mergeinfo list information. Could we perform a clean co of branch A into
another working copy and then perform svn merge --reintegrate to trunk
there ? Will we get more conflicts simply because the new working copy
doesnt have the mergeinfo list like the first working copy of branch A ?
Will this plan B work ?
I'm not sure I follow. To reintegrate a branch into a trunk your merge target (the working copy) is the trunk. Having a branch checked out doesn't change this.
2) How do we resolve conflicts during svn merge --reintegrate process ?
Would you share the steps for us to make the merge go smoothly ?
It depends on the conflict. Generally, if it is a content conflict you use a 3-way merge tool to resolve the conflict. This is no different than if there is a conflict when you do an update.

The other type is a tree conflict. Generally, these occur when the path that has a change in the repository doesn't exist in your merge target working copy. Resolving them depends on the conflict and you. For example, in branch you edited foo.cs, but in trunk that file is deleted. So, when you try to merge the edit you get a tree conflict.
3) Is mergeinfo a global or local property ? it seems that whenever a new
checkout is done, mergeinfo list matches up with other working copies of the
same branch.
I'm not sure what you are asking here. Merge info is a subversion property, so of course it will exist whenever you check out. Just like and svn:mime-type property.


Any help is appreciated.

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