Am 10.09.2013 19:45, schrieb Thomas Harold:
When we moved from a monolithic repository to per-client repositories
a few years ago, we went ahead and:

- Rebased the paths up one or two levels (old system was something
like "monolithicrepo/[a-z]/[client directories]/[job directory]") so
that the urls were now "clientrepo/[job directory]". That was a
tricky thing to do and we had to 'sed' the output of the dump filter
before importing it back.

It broke a few things, such as svn:externals which were not
relative-pathed, but was worth it in the long run so that our URLs got

- Made sure that the new repos all had unique UUIDs.

- Renumbered all of the resulting revisions as we loaded things back in.
But we didn't have to deal with any bug tracking systems that
referred to a specific revision. And having lower revision numbers
was preferred, along with dropping revisions that referred to other projects.
I'm now facing the same problem. My users want the rebasing, but during the
dump/load instead of after the fact (apparently, it causes issues with their
environment when they need to go back to an earlier revision to reproduce
something). They also want to keep the empty revisions (for references from
the issue tracker).
Wouldn't it be much simpler to keep the current repository as a read only archives and move the HEAD of each project into its own repo?

I haven't tried it with svnadmin dump followed by svndumpfilter (I don't think it
has that capability).

I've tried svnrdump (from svn 1.7), it resulted in either a new repository with
the full path included (rdump/load all revs) or an interesting failure mode with
a missing node during a copy operation when rdump -r
<revision_after_path>:HEAD was used

I've also tried using svnsync, but that also results in the full path included, no

How did you do it? Also, am I missing something that has been included in a
current svn version?



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