How would one upgrade to svn 1.8.1 as it exists within TortoiseSVN?
Simply look at the name of the TSVN download file... the current download is:


This has two version numbers in it. The first is the TSVN version number,

The second is the version of subversion libraries that it is using. Currently 1.8.1. So, you simple need to wait for a version of subversion that shows 1.8.1 or newer as the subversion library version.

AFAIK 1.8.1 hasn't been released yet. But, a nightly version of TSVN may be linked to the pre-release version of svn 1.8.1. You only need to look at the file names to determine that.


That is, I simply run TortoiseSVN, check stuff in and out of my unfuddle
repository, and am deliberately and blissfully unaware of all the machinations
that happen when I right click in Explorer and choose "SVN Commit". For
example, I have no idea what "serf", amongst all the libraries used by svn, even


On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 2:41 AM, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
This quite resembles an issue reported last week which is intended to be fixed
in serf 1.2.2.  It's possible you could upgrade just your serf libraries, not svn as
well (though, since you likely use a binary package, just upgrading to svn 1.8.1
packages that include serf 1.2.2 might be easiest).

Sorry, don't have a thread link handy...

Dave Steckler wrote on Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 10:17:54 -0700:
.I'm not on the list and couldn't find this in archive search...please
cc me on any responses...thx!

Was going to report this error over at the TortoiseSVN site, but
apparently they are pointing over here. Here's the link to the
discussion over on


Here's the text from over there (which includes repro, etc.). For me,
same repro as below, and it's a simple matter of trying to commit
anything and I get the "411 Length Required" error as detailed below
(i.e. "me too"). I'm running Win7 64 bit, latest patches, etc.

This is the right mailing list to report issues with TortoiseSVN.
However, as the problem also occurs with the standard subversion
command line client then the problem has to lie within the subversion
library rather than any of the TortoiseSVN code. In case you are not
aware, TortoiseSVN along with all other subversion clients is built on
top of the standard subversion library which is provided by the
subversion project itself. TSVN just provides the user-friendly front

You can contact the subversion team on users at subversion.apache.org.


I'm running on Vista 32 bit and have been upgrading Tortoise for
years successfully until now.


· Update to 1.8.0 from 1.7

· Update local working copy

· Modify a file and attempt to commit


POST of '/svn/[project name]/!svn/me': 411 Length Required

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