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On 6/6/07, Dave Newton wrote:
--- Jeff Amiel wrote:
Does this sound possible?
According to the source, it's not only possible, it
*is*... at least w/ TC6. You could just check the
source of the TC version you're running and see if
it's the same way or not.
Any further insight would be appreciated.
Speaking as the original author of this part of Tomcat in 4.1 and 5.0
(and it hasn't changed that much in 5.5 and 6.0 AFAICT), request and
response instances can indeed be pooled and reused for *different*
requests. That being said, Tomcat has been pretty rigorously tested
for thread safety by virtue of the fact that tens of thousands of
applications (many very high volume) are running on it. It is
*substantially* more likely that there are thread safety issues in
user code (such as simultaneous access to session scoped or
application scoped beans), rather than a bug in Tomcat, when you see
intermittent issues like this.

Craig McClanahan

Probably want to follow that one up w/ the TC folks.


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